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2018-10-26 14:36:39
Advocating for our buyer clients

Here's quick overview of our value proposition for buyers of residential real estate. 

  • Advocate for the interest of our buyer clients; many buyer agents don't have the decades of experience for the best possible outcomes. 
  • Detailed knowledge of the neighborhoods where we sell real estate; long established residents of north San Diego County (Jim 1984 & Julie 1992)
  • LEED Accredited Professional since 2010; an in-depth knowledge of building science, best construction practices, HVAC standards and plumbing efficiency etc. A certification typically acquired by architects and engineers. 
  • Have deep professional relationships; specialized inspectors, financing experts, escrow officers, title officers and many local real estate sales agents and brokers. 
  • Employ negotiating strategies; collaborating with the client to create a strong flexible plan with the intent of leveraging the best possible outcome proactively. 
  • Have a high success rate of getting contingent offers accepted (needing to sell your current home first!) to secure an escrow on the future desired home.  
  • A strong knowledge of multi-unit buildings; duplexes were the first transactions our career in 1999. Cap rates, RIO (return on investment) and tenant strategies are just a few the things we'll work with you for the best results. 

Here's a few things that can trip up motivated smart buyers. Potential buyers know what neighborhoods they want to pursue before viewing homes with an agent. Online real estate portals have changed that agents used to be the only source of data, but there's too much information now and some of it is inaccurate data. Below are a few strategies that tend to have poor outcomes and I humbly believe should be avoided as a buyer of real estate. 

  1. Buyers that represents themselves directly: a listing agent's fiduciary duties are to the seller only, period! Investors who buy and sell properties multiple times a year have the experience to be without representation. Experience comes from mistakes sadly...the best way to avoid this is to have a solid buyer agency. A great agent has been mentored! 
  2. Rebate brokerages like RedFin offer a few thousand $ when escrow closes which is enticing. Rookie agents are the ones opening up properties to view and are unlikely prepared to give top shelf advice about the property/neighborhood - it comes at a lack of expertise and being handed off to other team member agents along the way. It's possible to overpay for a property and the rebate doesn't make up the difference!
  3. Purchasing real estate is the opposite of making a online purchase. It's a complicated and emotional process that could involve signing/initialing 150+ pages and up to many as 600 pages to review in a transaction.
  4. Coming soon!!! it's playing on the fear of missing out (FOMO). Falling for this marketing ploy will have you paying top dollar. We have just shifted from a red hot sellers market that started in 2013, but it's moving towards a buyers market now.

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2018-10-26 14:36:39
Advocating for our buyer clients

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